Why You Need a Virtual Assistant (VA) for Your Appraisal Business

Why You Need a Virtual Assistant (VA) for Your Appraisal Business

Have you ever heard that there a virtual people that can help you run your appraisal business? They are called Virtual Assistant.

So who are these people?

Virtual assistants are skilled people that normally work from home and remotely. You may be a US resident or you’re in the UK or Australia and once you hire a VA they maybe from the Asian countries or other countries. You can also hire local VA of your residence to work with you.

Virtual assistants offer a wide range of services and below are just some tasks that you can pass on to your VA.

  • Administration work
  • Customer service
  • Email Management
  • Setting your inspection appointments
  • Quoting or Bidding
  • Research
  • Lead Generation
  • Reputation Management
  • Website maintenance
  • Signing applications to AMCs
  • Signing to online directories or listings
  • Post ads
  • Starting a file (appraisal report)
  • Subject research using county websites and MLS

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You see there’s a lot a VA can offer to you. You name it and your VA will help you get it done.

But since you are in the appraisal industry, I suggest that you look and hire VA that already has an experience working in the real estate industry. Much better hire a VA that already has the experience, skills, and knowledge in the appraisal business. This will ease the process of training, endorsing and passing some administration work that you need to help you grow your business.

So where you can find your Rockstar VA?

There are freelancing platforms that you can look and hire your very first Virtual assistant such Upwork or Onlinejobs.ph, again be sure to only hire those with Real estate job experience. You may also opt to look in Craigslist and LinkedIn. And there are agencies (like us!) that can help you find your perfect VA. This (our) agency will do most of the work, from recruiting and training your Virtual assistant.

Hiring a VA is definitely the best solution to help you run your appraisal business and help get things done. Using and utilizing a VA and getting rid of some of the things so you can focus on being an effective and efficient professional appraiser running an appraisal business.

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