Tips on Dealing with a Difficult Co-Worker

Anyone who has ever worked in an office setting will tell you that at some point in their career, they had to deal with a difficult co-worker. While having to deal with a problematic officemate might not be something we have direct control over, there are certain things you can do to deal with the dilemma. If you’re having trouble figuring out what you should do to deal with your difficult co-worker, keep these trusty tips in mind.

Tips on Dealing with a Difficult Co-Worker

  • Avoid Contact When You Can – It’s already troublesome enough when you’re faced with the need to pass by your difficult co-worker’s cubicle. Imagine how hard it would be if you sat at the same restaurant for lunch. When it comes to dealing with difficult co-workers, the ultimate trick is to avoid them whenever it’s an option. You don’t need to have to suffer through their attitude when the company you work for doesn’t need you to. Keep your distance and try to prevent any ugly confrontations by steering clear of them when contact isn’t necessary.


  • Stay Professional at All Times – There will be times when you will have to talk to them or exchange documents for whatever reason, and these are usually the instances that will become the trigger for a toxic event. Regardless of how annoying, irrational, irrelevant, or downright offensive they might become, it’s important that you remain professional at all times. Let them run their mouth, insult you, demean you, or whatever else they feel like doing. At the end of the day, it’s a reflection of their character and not yours.


  • Take Action When Necessary – Once things start to get out of hand, that is, the co-worker starts discriminating you or they start to deprive you of opportunities you deserve because of the way they feel about you, remember that you can take action. There are certain legal steps you can take when it comes to discrimination in the workplace and this might involve having to hire a lawyer. Discuss the situation with your legal counsel and find out what they can do to help you resolve the situation.


  • Exercise the Right Strategies – No one wants to be a tattle-tale, but when things start to escalate between you and your co-worker, you can tell the higher ups about the problem. Be objective, give only the facts, and try not to blurt out any negative comments that might put you in a bad light.




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